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What if you could start designing logos even with no design skills?

Hey, Heather here.

I see people jumping into the online business pool…

…and swim around and around with one thing that isn’t working.

You get frustrated, give up, tell your friends you’ll just go back to a 9-5.

Then 2 days later…trying again…

…what I found works is to have many sources of income.

Which of course is why I love marketing.

But still sometimes it’s cool to take on clients…

…and make a few bucks fast.

But doing what?

Well back in January, I picked up this little software

…that creates logos in a hot minute.

Logos you can sell if you want.

Just yesterday I had an idea for a new niche…

…went on to the software and had the logo done, done, done.

No messing around on Fiverr…

…no thinking about stuff for hours.

Just moving on to the next income stream.

Even better none of that monthly fee stuff.